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Batteries of Garages Projects

Another Local Authority Job Completed

Phase two of our large 2013 replacement project with the local authority has just been completed. 63no garages have been demolished, new concrete foundations inserted and maintenance free garages rebuilt. We have now supplied over 200 buildings to this customer, who is reaping the rewards of filling previously empty garages and increased rents.

Local Authority Contract

This Midlands based local authority had 60no maintenance free garages designed in colours to match their corporate image. The results actually looked better than we envisaged!

Battery of 4

This project for the demolition and rebuild of 4no garages was the first job we did for a large housing association. The maintenance free option we provided was also designed to reduce vandalism. We supplied the doors and fascia’s in dark Brown to reduce graffiti. We also supplied integral guttering systems, so down pipes could not be ripped off. The doors have high security locking systems and the roofs are fixed down with anti-vandal fixing screws. The client followed up by giving White Rose the contract to supply many more buildings as a result.

Large Battery Site

This project for the local housing association involved fully re-modelling the site. Originally the garages were all stepped with ramps, but we designed a project to fully change the site, to provide more garages, with better access for the tenants. There were 36no buildings on this site, all maintenance free. The garages were provided in Brown, to try and reduce graffiti in an area prone to vandalism.

Battery of 6 Maintenance free garages

The project involved the demolition and removal of the existing worn out structures. We then re-erected the new buildings on the existing foundations, as they were deemed ‘fit for purpose’. The new garages were supplied in the maintenance free option, and were delivered and erected within one week.

Battery of garages for local authority

We have completed phase two of our large renewal project of garages with the local authority. This particular phase was to dismantle and remove the existing garages, excavate the old bases and replace. We then fitted new batteries of maintenance free garages on the site. To date we have fitted 46 new units on this site.

  • Unlimited Length & Width
  • Security guttering system

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